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Robert C. Hansen Robert C. Hansen  
"Why choose Financial OEE Education?"click here

Bringing you college level OEE tools and methodologies through 14 training modules.
OEE college delivers strategic OEE understanding to individuals at all levels of the organization in less than 14 hours.
These unique modules demonstrate a specific methodology to link current financial income from operations (IFO) to current shop floor OEE performance through a new analysis tool which quantifies the value of individual improvement alternatives.
This new vision will dramatically improve business decisions in driving manufacturing excellence.


"-- 90% of my clients have increased income from operations (profits) by over $1 million in the first year." - R.C. Hansen



Advanced Overall Equipment Effectiveness College


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In the past 10 years, I have expanded my expertise of existing OEE tool applications and developed exciting new tools to assess, analyze and engage strategic OEE from top floor to shop floor. I would like to share this wisdom with you through a series of 14 training modules covering the following aspects of what I call Financial OEE.

  • OEE Basics
  •  Maintenance/Production OEE tools
  •  Financial OEE
  •  OEE Data Analysis
  •  OEE for Leadership
  •  OEE Value Stream Mapping
  •  OEE Value Stream Analysis

 If you are searching for a clarifying road map to manufacturing excellence that will optimize profits every step of the way, then my OEE college is for you.

I encourage you to begin the journey to advance your current OEE tools and learn new methodologies and techniques to leverage your hidden factory in the most effective way. This brief audio overview begins the introduction of training modules that cover three strategic levels of OEE application. Take 7 min. to listen to the exciting message below that I believe will start an OEE revolution at your plant.

90% of my clients have increased income from operations (profits) by over $1 million in the first year.

After listening to the 7 min. audio (click audio link below), consider ordering the OEE - college overview training module that is approximately 40 min. long and covers the spectrum of topics covered in the seven areas of financial OEE education. This will give you a representative example of how these modules deliver information and how easy one can gain new understanding. Click on the following link to register and order your overview module.

-- Link to register and order your overview module--

After viewing the Overview Module to confirm compatible format, you are invited to purchase the Set of 14 Training Modules by procuring a location specific Plant Site License Agreement for unrestricted use at your Plant Site. See details on the order form page



Set of 14 Training Modules









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AND A Textbook on Overall Equipment Effectiveness with emphasis on applying modern methodologies to achieve increased profits - written by Robert Hansen.  
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