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Robert C. Hansen, PE and Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional (CMRP), graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B. S. in Civil Engineering. In 1998, he completed a very successful career with Eastman Kodak Company as an Engineering and Maintenance Department manager in the Colorado division. In his 29 years with Kodak, he held various positions including ESTAR Machine Engineer, an engineering and maintenance Department manager in the Base Making, Sensitizing, and Finishing departments
While at Kodak Bob was instrumental in the implementation of key shutdown improvement strategies providing nine additional production days, and implementing predictive maintenance systems and reliability projects culminating in a 41% reduction in equipment downtime per million linear feet for one of Kodak's largest Sensitizing machines.
Additionally, he was a member of Kodak's Worldwide Melt/Coat Manager's Team for seven years and the Worldwide Health Imaging Finishing Manager's Team for more than one year. He Served on his plant' s Reliability team was responsible for Reliability Benchmarking
A member of the Society of Maintenance Reliability professionals (S MRP), Bob has authored two well-received articles for Maintenance Technology Magazine "Unleashing the Power of OEE" and a "Genera l Tool for Acceptance Testing". As speaker at the S MRP 1998 conference and at the 1999 Main Tech South Conference, he presented the OEE article.
Currently he is the owner and sole proprietor of R. C. Hansen Consulting LLC which specializes in identifying and implementing manufacturing productivity improvements for factories seeking to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness.






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